October 12-14, 2022
Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown

We are back! Exciting plans are underway for our upcoming in-person Convening. We invite you to join us.
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Table of Contents:

  1. Theme Overview
  2. Agenda
  3. Registration and Hotel Information
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Theme Overview

Transforming the advanced preparation of educational professionals to lead through scholarly and equity-minded practice.

Transform in Latin (tranformare) means to “change in shape, metamorphose.”  The verb is a combination of “trans” which means across or to go beyond and “form” which means to shape, fashion, build (https://www.etymonline.com). Over the last 15 years of CPED, members have reshaped and refashioned the EdD to go beyond traditional doctoral preparation towards a professional practice doctorate. Members have also sought to prepare leaders who can transform their field of practice just as a PhD transforms their discipline (Council of Graduate Schools, 2006). 

The 2022 Convening theme seeks to inspire profound change and metamorphose of the EdD by reflecting the new CPED Vision and Mission that will guide the work of the organization and its members over the coming years. Specifically, the 2020-2022 Strategic Visioning work has brought a new focus on how CPED members are operationalizing the CPED Framework to empower educational leaders during critical times. For this convening, we urge members to contemplate and share: 

  • how their EdD programs are designed to reflect the needs of educational professionals and practice;
  • how their EdD program designs are grounded in the CPED Principles;
  • how they transformed their EdD program using the CPED Framework;
  • how their EdD program learning outcomes, curriculum, and assessments prepare equity-minded, transformational change agents;
  • how they define and prepare graduates for scholarly practice;
  • how their EdD graduates learn to critically analyze and address problems of practice;
  • how their EdD graduates impact professional practice; 
  • how their EdD program exemplifies the CPED definition of the EdD as The professional doctorate in education prepares educators for the application of appropriate and specific practices, the generation of new knowledge, and for the stewardship of the profession.”

Agenda: (all times are in EST)

Day One: Wednesday, 10/12/2022  
12:00-2:00pm Delegates Council Meeting  
2:00-4:00pm Inter-Racial Advising: Lessons Learned
This session will unpack an inter-racial doctoral advising relationship and research around identity safety, documenting one journey as participants consider application to their own practice.
Harriette Thurber Rasmussen (Drexel University); Enikimberly Avery (Northeastern University Alum)
  Traversing the Dissertation Journey: Supporting Doctoral Students to the Finish Line
The goal of this workshop is to support doctoral students to traverse the dissertation journey. We explore a framework, practice strategies, and exchange ideas for advancing dissertation completion.
Micki Caskey (Portland State University)
  Using Simulation to Scaffold Problem of Practice Identification for Students
Add to your pedagogical toolbox by participating in a simulation that scaffolds problem of practice identification for students by relating the process to a criminal investigation. Participants will consider the benefits and drawbacks of using a simulation activity to scaffold the process of problem of practice (PoP) identification and framing for students and how the simulation activity could be revised for use with students in their programs.
Lesley Leach; Ryan Glaman; Ronald Rhone (Tarleton State University)
Day Two: Thursday, 10/13/2022  
8-10:00am Convening Opening
Welcome: Dr. Jill Perry (Executive Director)
Welcome: Dean Valerie Kinloch (Dean, School of Education, University of Pittsburgh)
Carlow University: Keynote
10-10:15am Travel to Exchanges/Coffee Break  
10:15-11:15am: Exchange A Moving Beyond Accommodations: A Supervisory Relationship Grounded in CPED and Recovery-Oriented Principles that Promote Equity, Inclusion, and Mental Wellbeing Dr. Scott Lowrey; Janis Campbell (Western University)
  Tips and Tricks: Lessons Learned from Creating New Ed.D. Programs at a Research 1 Institution Dustin Miller; Amy Barnes (The OhioState University)
  Creating Learning Environments within EdD Programs that Foster Antiracist Scholar Practitioner Communities Samantha Cohen, Tomiko Ball (AmericanUniversity)
  Design to Excel: Innovating an EdD Program to Cultivate Innovation Maria Boeke Mongillo; Antoinette M. Ryan; Sheldon Watson; Farough Abed (Central Connecticut State University)
  Using Liberating Structures to Transform and Empower EdD Student Practical knowledge toward scholarly practice Megan McVancel; Leslie Locke (University of Iowa)
  Applied Research Preparation for Scholar-Practitioners: Learning How to be Flexible in Uncertain Times Christine Eith; Erica Carswell; Erin Comaskey; Denise Zawada (Johns Hopkins University)
CIG (CPED Improvement Group) Improvement Science  
11:15-11:30am Travel to Exchanges/Coffee Break  
11:30am-12:30pm: Exchange B Embodying Diversity and Moving Towards Equity: One Dean's Diversity Initiative Mark Malisa; Wisdom Mensah; Minkyoug Kim (University of West Florida)
  Black Feminist Approaches to Mentoring Educational Professionals for Equity-Minded Leadership Kristine Grant; Stephanie Smith Budhai (Drexel University)
  Transformative EdD programs Should Have Transformative DiPs: Self-Assessing DiPs To Inform Program Transformation Edmund 'Ted' Hamann; Laura Boche (University of Nebraska-Lincoln); Jill A. Perry (CPED/University of Pittsburgh); Leigh Wolf (Arizona State University)
  Examining Unexamined Assumptions to Transform Ourselves and Our Programs Laura Flores Shaw; Laura Quyanor (Johns Hopkins University)
  The Evolution of Problems of Practice as Radical Shifts in School/District Leader Perceptions Dianne Gardner Renn; Renee Andrews; Jennifer McCoy (Illinios State University)
  Scaffolding the Language of Power at the Doctoral Level Kathryn Strom (California State University-East Bay)
CIG (CPED Improvement Group) EdD Programs for Social Justice  

Working Lunch/Networking
Lunch by regions
Myers Publishing
Done Dissertation

1:45-2:45pm: Exchange C Fostering and Maintaining International Collaborations for Student Development Leigh Graves Wolf ; Josephine Peyton Marsh (Arizona State University); Fiona King; Gillian Lake; Anne Looney; Enda Donlon (Dublin City University)
  Leveraging Improvement Science in CPED programs: A conversation with authors of the Foundational Handbook on Improvement Research in Education Max Yurkofsky (Radford University); David Eddy Spicer (University of Virginia); Brandi Hinnant-Crawford (Clemson University); Hayley Weddle (University ofPittsburgh)
  Using Design Thinking to Spark Innovation and Transformation in the EdD Multiverse Allison R. Barajas; Mark Malisa (University of West Florida)
  Supporting Educational Sovereignty in the Navajo Nation through the Education of Indigenous Scholar/Practitioner/Activists Kathy Geller; Barbara Mink; Miranda Haskie (Fielding Graduate University)
  Community Learning Exchange for Data Collection Mattew Militello; Lynda Tredway; Wesley Tang; Marla Silversmith (East Carolina University)
CIG (CPED Improvement Group) Online/Hybrid  
2:45-3pm Travel to Exchanges/Coffee Break  
3-4pm: Exchange D Piloting an Improvement Science Dissertation for Education Leaders Sarah R. Daniel; Catherine Dunn Shiffman; Deran Whitney (Shenandoah University)
  Making Connections that Last a Lifetime: EdD Student Cohort Building through the Use of Digital Storytelling Travis Lewis; Heidi Puckett; Karen D. Jones (East Carolina University)
  Supporting EdD Student Success in Dual Pandemics: Developing a New Structured Advising Model for Virtual Spaces Noelle A. Paufler; Barbara Nesbitt; Rachel Biritz (Clemson University)
  Engaging the Community through a Consultancy-Based Group Practicum Heather Hurst; Gerald (Jerry) Kiel; Michael Williams; Seniz Celimli-Aksoy; Curt Baker (Frostburg State University)
  Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the Dissertation in Practice: Does the Rubber Meet the Road? Reginald Wilkerson (College of William & Mary); Gilia Smith (ProQuest); Jill A. Perry (CPED/University of Pittsburgh)
  Extreme Makeover: EdD Edition (Our Story of Redesigning our EdD Program) Marshall George (Hunter College-City University of New York)
  Interviews with CPED members  
CIG (CPED Improvement Group) Dissertation in Practice  
4:-4:15pm Travel to Exchanges/Coffee Break  
4:15-5:15pm: Exchange Improvement Science as a methodological framework: Mapping the landscape Lester A. C. Archer (Western Kentucky University)
  Attending to the Whole Student: How a Pilot Coaching Program Contributed to EdD Student Development and Self-Awareness as Scholar-Practitioners Dr. Carey Borkoski (Johns Hopkins University)
  Transforming Disciplinary Literacy Practices: Developing student's abilities to read, write, think and perform as scholarly practitioners Amy Markos; Ray Russ (Arizona State University)
  Developing Regenerative Thinkers: What That Means for Both Students and Faculty John M. Gould, Ph.D. (Drexel University)
  IRB and Quality Improvement Research: Transforming Understanding for Student Success Amanda Bozack; Edwin Bonney (Radford University); Brandi Hinnant-Crawford (Western Carolina); Jill A. Perry (CPED/University of Pittsburgh); Deborah Peterson Perry (Portland State University)
CIG (CPED Improvement Group) Scholarly Practitioner Alliance  
5:15-6pm Down time before reception  

Student Posters
Winston Bell Project
Myers Publishing
Done Dissertation

Day Three: Friday, 10/14/2022  
Day Three: 8-8:30am Convening Opening
Overview by Dr. Jill Perry
University of West Florida video: Convening Host 2023
8:45-9:45am: Exchange F The IMPACT of the Scholarly Practitioner Doctorate: Calling All Potential Chapter Authors! Stephanie Smith Budhai; Deanna Hill (Drexel University)
  Integrating Improvement Science & Justice: Co-developing core principles to guide course development, program improvement, and research in leadership programs Maxwell Yurkofsky; Edwin Bonney (Radford University); Samantha Cohen; David Rease (American University)
  "Good Work" in the Ed.D.: Program Transformation for Holistic, Humane, and Equity-Centered Leadership Vachel Miller; Chris Osmond (Appalachian State University)
  Tough Love Advising: How to Support Ed.D. Students Through the Dissertation Process Karen Card (University of South Dakota)
  Reconsidering the committee's role in the Dissertation-in-Practice: [Are you] expecting new results using the same old form and format? Robert Crow (Western Carolina University)
  Leveraging the Learning Conversations Protocol (LCP) for Precision in Scholarly and Equity-Minded Practice Scott Lowrey (Western University)
9:45-10am Travel to Exchanges/Coffee Break  
10-11am: Exchange G Transforming research practices: Critical Participatory Action Research & Improvement Science Joy Howard; Tori Colson; Kim Derk (University of Southern Indiana)
  Advisory Boards in Ed.D. Programs: Partnering with Practitioner Experts to Design, Market, and Deliver Christine Harrington; Michael Sparrow (New Jersey City University)
  Various Uses of Communities of Practice in CPED EdD Programs Lesley F. Leach ; William Torres; Jennifer Smalley; Joy Avery; Erin Robbins (Tarelton State University); Sarah Capello (Radford University); Josephine Marsh; Mary Lou Fulton (Arizona State University); Joy Phillips (Drexel University)
  Impacting Professional Practice through an Alternative Dissertation Renee Amboy-Biller; Wayne N. Taylor (University of South Florida)
  Achieving Doctoral Candidacy: A Study of Scholar-Practitioner Perceptions of Facilitators and Obstacles When Writing Their Problem of Practice Dissertation Literature Review and Methodology Corina Kaul; Nicholas Werse; Laila Sanguras (Baylor University)
  Encouraging Academic Help-Seeking in EdD Students Eric Ludwig (Florida State University)
  Transforming a Transdisciplinary Ed.D. with Equity-centered Scholarship and Practice Yin Lam Lee-Johnson; Ashley Spencer; Jennifer Ono; Trezette Dixon; Katherine O'Connor (Webster University)
11-11:15am Travel to Exchanges/Coffee Break  
11:15am-12:15pm: Exchange H Improvement Science Implementation - Addressing the 3Ps (Policies, Processes, People) While Coloring within the Lines! Jacqueline Hawkins; Monica Marten; Beth Darbe; Dawn Olive; Alyson Posey; Hope Rigby-Wills; Whitney Manuel; Cleo White (University of Houston)
  Transforming writing support through listening to students: A developmental approach Laura Quaynor; Keshrie Naidoo (Johns Hopkins University)
  Unpacking the Community of Inquiry Model in Virtual Spaces Joy Phillips; Stephanie Smith Budhai; Hariette Thurber Rasmussen (Drexel University); Monica Martens (University of Houston)
  Working in the tension: Creating problem of practice statements for EdD records of study Shaun Hutchins; Radhika Viruru (Texas A & M University)
  Experiential Learning for Inquiry, Equity, and Justice Sara C. Lawrence; Kathy Lease (Texas A&M University - Texarkana)
  A Conceptual Model of Collaboration for EdD Programs Seniz Celimli Aksoy; Heather Hur; Curt Baker; Michael Williams; Gerald Kiel (Frostburg State University)

Working Lunch/Networking
Closing remarks: Dr. Jill Perry
Myers Publishing
Done Dissertation

1:30-1:45pm Travel to Exchanges/Coffee Break  
1:45-2:45pm: Exchange I "We each have something the other needs:" From a fractured EdD program to a virtual community of practice for teacher-leaders Miyoshi B. Juergensen; Tamela Thomas; MaryBeth Sander (Kennesaw State University)
  Transforming Writing Supports in an Accelerated Ed.D. Program Serving Professional Practitioners from Under-resourced School Districts Megan Trexler; Michelle Szpara; Alia Sheet (Cabrini University)
  IRB and the EdD 2.0: Continued Conversations About Practitioner Research and Institutional Review Elizabeth Currin; Terrance McAdoo (University of South Carolina)
  Holding Ourselves Accountable for the Preparation of Socially Just Educational Leaders: One Program's Collaborative Backward-Mapping Process Jess Weiler; Kofi Lomotey; Robert Crow (Western Carolina University)
  Switching to Mastery Grading for Core Program Courses: A Case Study Michele Gregoire Gill (University of Central Florida)
  Reframing Equity: Three Strategies that Raise Up Equity and Promote Success in an EdD Program Focused on Critical Improvement Science Elizabeth Zumpe; Stacie Szczesiul; Phitsamay Uy (University of Massachusetts Lowell)
  Exploring the Hero's (EdD) Journey: A practical lens of the Scholarly Practitioners Transformative Journey Wayne Taylor; Renee Amboy-Biller (University of South Florida)
2:45-3pm Travel to Exchanges/Coffee Break  
3-4pm: Exchange J Improvement Science and the Dissertation in Practice David Title (Sacred Heart University)
  Using Community Cultural Wealth and Funds of Knowledge in an Improvement Science Model Alfredo Pargas Jr.; Molly Pargas (University of Denver)
  Using Design Thinking to Revolutionize Online Learning: Marymount University's Journey to Meet the Needs of Educational Professionals and Practice Ruth Boyd; Clara Hauth; Jessica Marotta; Paula Cristina Azevedo; Marcia Baldanza; Nicole Conners; Lisa Turissini (Marymount University)
  Transforming the Research Methodology Course Sequence to Prepare Scholar-Practitioners to Inquire into Problems of Practice Sarah A. Capello; Edwin Nii Bonney; Maxwell Yurkofsky; Brad Bizzell; Amanda Bozack; Theresa Burriss (Radford University)
  Coaching for Alignment across the Dissertation in Practice Proposal Crystal R. Chambers (East Carolina University)
  Do I Really Belong Here? Mitigating Imposter Syndrome for EdD Students Heidi Puckett; Travis Lewis; Karen Jones (East Carolina University)
  The DIP (Dissertation in Practice) and the RCR (Responsible Conduct of Research): Alignment or Mismatch? Carla Thompson (University of West Florida)
  Interviews with CPED members  
4pm End of Convening


All exchange presenters are expected to register for the convening. Exchanges take place on every day of the convenings. We cannot give preference for a day, however. By submitting an exchange proposal, you agree to be available for all days. 

All workshop facilitators are expected to register for the convening. Workshops take place on the day before the full convening, October 12th.


 Contact Cindy King, Coordinator of Operations & Development at [email protected]

Registration and Lodging information

Member Registration

Registration is open to all members of the CPED consortium including faculty, administrators, and students and includes the two-day convening, lunches, coffee breaks, and reception. 

Registration Fees:

Early bird (by August 15th):  $300

Late registration (August 16th - September 15th): $350

Workshops: $75

EdD Student Registration: $100

Please remember to upload your proof of COVID-19 vaccination on the registration page. A photo of your vaccination card is sufficient.

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Hotel reservations

Hotel reservations are to be made on your own by calling or using the link below.

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Rate: $149.00/night + taxes 
To secure this rate, reservations must be made by September 1, 2022.

To Book your hotel room:
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COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination Policy

For those CPED 2022 convening attendees that are not vaccinated, we ask that they submit (upon registration) a signed document that states they will provide the CPED team with a negative COVID test taken within 48 hours of the convening. Upon arrival to the 2022 Convening in Pittsburgh, the attendee should share the negative test results to at CPED team member at the check-in location

CPED’s first priority is the health and safety of our participants; therefore, we have put in place measures to provide a safe environment and manage risk for convening attendees.



For any questions or assistance with your participation in the CPED convening, please contact us at 412-648-7428 or [email protected]