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#CPED23 Convening 

Hosted by the University of West Florida

Pensacola, Florida, October 4 - 6, 2023

Innovation and Education:  Identifying and working to address problems of practice embedded in a variety of organizational settings 


The CPED Board of Directors will be hosting the 2023 CPED Convening in a hybrid format to cater to a wider range of members. The in-person convening will take place from October 4th to 6th, in collaboration with the University of West Florida. Additionally, a virtual option will be available, allowing attendees to participate in two Keynote sessions and a full day of virtual exchanges on October 12th.

IN-PERSON: October 4th-6th  

  • 60 exchanges for the in-person convening (including a dedicated student track) 
  • 2 Keynotes:  
  • Rick Mintrop from the University of California at Berkeley will present on using research in improving practice. 
  • The University of West Florida team will offer a comparative look at traditional dissertations and the DiP.  
  • Reception: award presentations and student poster sessions. 
  • Networking lunches and breaks 
  • Attendance at virtual day October 12th 

VIRTUAL: October 12th, 12:00-5:00 pm ET  

  • 10+ exchanges for the virtual day 
  • 2 Keynotes (October 5th & 6th at approx. 9 AM CT ):  
  • Rick Mintrop from the University of California at Berkeley will present on using research in improving practice. 
  • The University of West Florida team will offer a comparative look at traditional dissertations and the DiP.  

2023 CPED Convening Agenda hosted by the University of West Florida

at the Hilton Pensacola

All times are Central Standard Time (CST).

Wednesday, October 4, 2023
Time Agenda Presenters
8:00 - 9:45 AM Delegates Council Meeting: Institutional Delegates only & all institutional Delegates are required to attend.

Workshops (Descriptions): 

You may register for the workshops below ($75) when you register for the convening.  

10:00AM - 12:00 PM                             Workshop I: Escaping the Tyranny of Grades: Ungrading  David Swank, Vassa Grichko, & Erin Lehmann (University of South Dakota) 
  Workshop II: From Pain Point to Confidence: How Improvement Science Can Dissolve Doctoral Students’ Struggles Paula Cristina Azevedo, Ruth Boyd, Clara Hauth, & Jessica Marotta (Marymount University) 
  Workshop III:  Promoting Community in Online/Hybrid Courses Using Innovative Technologies  Michele Gill, Carrie Wells, Joy Phillips, Monica Martens, Sarah Pratt, and Anthony Edwards (Online/Hybrid CIG) 
  Workshop IV: Starting with the End in Mind: Using the DiP Experience and PDSA Process of Improvement to Support Resiliency in Education  Jacqueline Hawkins and Monica Martens (University of Houston) 
12:00 - 1:00 PM                          Lunch On Your Own  
1:00 - 1:45 PM Convening Opening & Welcome Gaëtane Jean-Marie, Chairman of the Board of Directors for CPED; Jill A. Perry, Executive Director of CPED; and William Crawley, Dean of the School of Education at the University of West Florida 
1:45 - 2:00 PM Transition Break  
2:00 - 3:00 PM Oh, the Places You Will Go! as a Problem Focused Practitioner in the University of Maryland EdD School System Leadership Program   Douglas Anthony, Pamela Shetley, & Christine Neumerski (University of Maryland - College Park)
  Addressing Pitfalls that Disrupt the Problem of Practice Dissertation Writing Process in Online Programs  Corina Kaul, Nicholas Werse, Leanne Howell, Jess Smith & Ryann N. Shelton (Baylor University) 
  Research That's Relevant: Using Arts-Based Research to Solve Problems of Practice   Jennifer Virts (Frostburg State) 
  Scaffolding Literature Reviews: Designing a Manageable Process Utilizing Effective Student Supports   Michelle Whitacre & Lynda Leavitt (Lindenwood University) 
  Overcoming the Fear of Dissertation Writing: 8 Strategies to Get from Daunting to Doable to Done  Matthew Militello, Jennifer Horne, Carrie Morris, & Lawrence Hodgkins (East Carolina University) 
  Dissertation 2.0: At the Intersection of Diversity, Intention, Engagement, and Impact   Maria Mongillo & Sheldon Watson (Central Connecticut State University) 
3:00 - 3:30 PM Networking Break  
3:30 - 4:30 PM The T-shirt Effect: How SWAG Has Cultivated Community, Connection, and Retention in an Online EdD Program Cece Lively, Erin O'Connor Marsano, Laila Sanguras, & Amy Sloan (Baylor University) 
  Myers Publishing: How to Get Your Work Published Chris Myers
  The Problem of Practice Identification (PoP) Spiral: Developing and Implementing an Innovative Framework to Scaffold the PoP Identification and Framing Process  Lesley Leach, Ryan Glaman, & Ron Rhone (Tarleton State University) 
  Only the Shadow Knows: The Power of Tacit Assumptions  Dianne Renn (Illinois State) 
  Why Do Students Choose the EdD? Applying the Recent Research on Student Motivation to Our Local Contexts Joseph Flessa & Karen Acton (University of Toronto)
  Teaching Applied Research and Critical Inquiry: Voices from the Field Christopher Benedetti, Amanda Covarrubias, Kevin J. Bazner, Eric Ludwig,  & Nicholas R. Werse (Texas A & M University - Corpus Christi, University of Florida, Florida State University, Fordham University, & Baylor University)
Thursday, October 5, 2023
8:30 - 10:00 AM Impacting Education Presentation & Keynote Address: "Hands on Keynote: How to Identify a Problem of Practice" Suha Tamim & Rhonda Jeffries (University of South Carolina); Elizabeth Arnett Zumpe, PhD, University of Oklahoma
10:00 - 10:30 AM Networking Break
10:30 - 11:30 AM When Equity Is a Bad Word: Supporting Doctoral Candidates' Work in Diverse Political Climates  Karen Jones (East Carolina University)
  Online/Hybrid CIG Meeting Joy Phillips (Drexel University) & Monica Martens (University of Houston)
  Co-teaching as an Opportunity to Enact Social Justice and Create Humanizing Communities  Samantha Cohen & Cheyenne Batista (American University)
  A Conversation with Authors Included in the Themed Issue of Impacting Education on Reimagining Research Methods  Sarah Capello (Radford University) & Others (Various Universities)
  Promoting Student Success through Dissertation Mentorship: A Collaborative Dialogue Focused on Improving the Mentor-Mentee Experience  Lee Flood, Rhia Moreno, & Jesse Wood (Augusta University and Belmont University)
  CPED Student Fishbowl Session: Learning from Doctoral Candidates (student track)  William Crawley, Shelby Vaughn, & Lauren Adlof (University of West Florida)
11:30 - 11:45 AM Transition Break
11:45 AM - 12:45 PM AI in the EdD: Would You, Could You, Should You?  Michael Kozak (Drexel University)
  Methods Training for the EdD: How the University of Pittsburgh's Practitioner Inquiry Series Aims to Prepare Scholarly Practitioners to Improve Education Michael Gunzenhauser, Jill A. Perry, Rachel Robertson, Sharon Ross (University of Pittsburgh)
  The Work of Decolonizing Learning Protocols through Indigenous Principles, Indigenous Pedagogies, and Stories of Self  Scott Lowrey, Nicole Davey, & Gail Higginbottom (Western University - London, Ontario, Canada)
  Retreating: The Gift of Time and Community to Write  Paula Cristina Azevedo, Clara Hauth, Jessica Marotta, & Jennifer Thompson (Marymount University)
  The Dissertation in Practice: Tradition and Non-Traditional Ways of Representing the Scholarly Practitioner Dissertation Danah Henriksen & Amy Markos (Arizona State University)
  Pursuing a Doctorate & Self-Care (student track)  Jenny Reed, Diane Scott, & Mercedes Musto (University of West Florida)
12:45 - 1:45 PM

Lunch in the Ballroom

Presentation from Lori Ideta and Walter Kahumoku III from the University of Hawaii at Manoa about the 2024 CPED Convening (1:00 PM)
1:45 - 2:45 PM ASU and DCU Doctoral Students' Experience of Collective Responsibility and Social Justice Fiona King, Josephine Marsh, Barry Morrissey, & Amy Markos (Dublin City University and Arizona State)
  Dissertation in Practice CIG Meeting Amy Markos & Danah Henriksen (Arizona State University)
  "What About Theory?" : The Role of Theory in Practitioner-Oriented EdD Programs  Theresa Burriss, Edwin Nii Bonney, & Maxwell Yurkofsky (Radford University)
  A Practical Inquiry Approach to Research Methods in an Age of Data-ification Eric Ludwig (Florida State)
  Project-Based Learning Application of HPT for Personal Leadership Development (student track) Holley Handley, Jeannine Abadie, & Shelly Ardis (University of West Florida)
2:45 - 3:15 PM Networking Break
3:15 - 4:15 PM Rethinking the IRB Application and Process, Shifting from Traditional to a Design Thinking Method Lynda Leavitt & Michelle Whitacre (Lindenwood University)
  Generation Z and the Dissertation in Practice: A Mutually Beneficial Collaboration  Aaron W. Hughey & Lester Archer (Western Kentucky University)
  Reaching for Oxygen: Navigating Faculty Burnout  Deanna Hill (Drexel University)
  Improvement Science CIG Meeting Max Yurkofsky (Radford University)
  Overcoming Misaligned Assessments to Support Student Progress: When Students and Advisors Assess Dissertation Progress Differently Nicholas Werse, Corina Kaul, Leanne Howell, Jess Smith, & Ryann N. Shelton (Baylor University)
  The Cohort Model as a Tool for Leadership and Learning: A Dialogue with EdD Students (student track) Angela Hooser & Students (Middle Tennessee State University)
4:30 - 5:30 PM Building Your Network: A Get Together for Scholarly Practitioner EdD Students  Sponsored by CPED
5:30 - 7:30 PM CPED Reception, Poster Presentations, & Awards Ceremony Ashley Anderson, Megan Arthur, Brittany Auerbach, Alexandra Beldin, Jason Bock, Ruth Boyd, Nickawana Boudreaux, Robin Brandenberg, Amanda Cooper, Charmaine Davis-Bey, Bich Do, Nadine Franz, Deneille Fuller & Melnequa Holloway, Rebecca Harper & Sameh Ibrahim, Paul Maldonado, John McCann, Giang-Ngugyen Nguyen, Rekina Romes, Lisa Snider, Anna Strum, Lisa Swindull, Dayanara Ramos Trevino, and LaShawndra White
Friday, October 6, 2023
9:00 - 10:30 AM DiP and PoY Awards Winners' Presentations and the University of West Florida: "Distinguishing a DiP" Keynote  
University of Pittsburgh School of Education, Francesca Smith (American University), William Crawley, Robin Brandenburg, Patrice Moorer, Amy Markos, Holley Handley, and Lydia Ross (University of West Florida)
10:30 - 11:00 AM Networking Break  
11:00AM - 12:00 PM IMPACTing EdD Student Success through a Peer-Mentoring Program Amy Sloan & Erin O'Connor Marsano (Baylor University)
  Structuring Student Support from Admission to Graduation: The Roles of the Doctoral Advisor and Dissertation Coach  Star Brown & Dramaine Freeman (Appalachian State University)
  Can ChatGPT Write Dissertations? Collaborative Review of Quality & Ethics  Yin Lam Lee-Johnson, Tamara Rodney, Jennifer Ono, & Chavon Curry (Webster University)
  Applying the Human Performance Technology Model to a Dissertation in Practice
Jason Bock, Shelly Ardis, & Jessica Leitheiser (University of West Florida)
12:00 - 1:00 PM Lunch & Farewell Statement Jill A. Perry, CPED Executive Director
1:00 - 2:00 PM Transforming Knowledge: The Value of Co-Teaching with EdD Scholar-Practitioners Vassa Grichko, Erin Lehmann, and David Swank (University of South Dakota)
  Characteristics of a Successful EdD Student: An Interactive Creative Exchange  Audrey Eagle, Johnny Fortune, & Mary Gurney (University of West Florida)
  GPT+QE=OMG! Responding to the Possibilities and Challenges of AI in the Development of Scholar-Practitioners  Vachel Miller & Chris Osmond (Appalachian State University)
  Supporting EdD Students through the Dissertation Journey: A Case Study of the Doctoral Student Center at the University of West Florida  Lauren Adlof (University of West Florida)
  How to Thrive as an EdD Student: Lessons Learned Amanda Reschke & Carrie Wells (University of Central Florida)
2:00 - 2:30 PM Networking Break  
 2:30 - 3:30 PM The Activist Educator: Defining EdD Activism to Promote Equity and Justice  Suha Tamim, Lorin Koch, Russell Clark, & Karen Martin (University of South Carolina)
  Statistics Course Redesign to Meet the Needs of EdD Students  Corina Kaul & Shelby Vaughn (Baylor University)
  Alternative Dissertation Collaborative: Possibilities and Challenges for Completing the EdD Without Dissertations Yin Lam Lee-Johnson, Tamara Rodney, Jennifer Ono, Chavon Curry, & Kerri Fair (Webster University)
  Beyond the Coursework: Wrap-Around Support for EdD Students; Progress Checkpoints, Writing Challenges, & Weekend Workshops  Nicole Mishnick, Ron Fhone, Anthony Edwards, Lesley Leach, & Ryan Glaman (Tarleton State University)
  Structure vs. Freedom and Convenience in Post-pandemic EdD Programs: A Year-long Mixed Methods Self-Study of Program Accessibility and Quality  Tom Akiva & Rachel Robertson (University of Pittsburgh)
3:30 - 3:45 PM Transition Break  
3:45 - 4:45 PM Traversing the Dissertation Journey: An Inter-institutional Exploration of Supporting Doctoral Student Writing  Micki M. Caskey & Veselina S. Lambrev (University of South Florida and Portland State University)
  Prioritizing the Student Experience to Foster Success in the EdD Rhia Moreno, Lee D. Flood, Sameh Ibrahim, Melissa Delman, & Allie Beldin (Augusta University)
  AI in Wonderland: Exploring the Ethical Use of AI in the Dissertation Process for EdD Students  Jason Bock & Audrey Eagle (University of West Florida) 
  Engaging in Practitioner Research: Designing Assignments and Activities to Facilitate Student Learning Around Qualitative Research  Vicki Vescio (University of Florida)
  We're Here to Help: Utilizing a Dual Advising Model for Online EdD Students Carl Hill (University of Southern Mississippi)


2023 CPED Virtual Convening Agenda

via Zoom


All times are Eastern Standard Time (EST).


Time Agenda Presenters
11:45 AM - 12:00 PM                              Welcome Jill A. Perry, Executive Director of the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate
12:00 -  1:00 PM                             Master’s to Specialist to the EdD: Developing & Sustaining Scholarly Practitioners Across Degree Program Travis Lewis, Karen D. Jones, & Marjorie Ringler (East Carolina University)
  What Do You Mean by Social Justice?: Preparing Social Justice Leaders in EdD Programs
Liliana Castrellon, Joy Howard, & Qianna Lachaud (Duquesne, Western, & Georgia State University)
  Critical Research Methods Curriculum for Social Justice Oriented and Equitable Research in Ed.D. Programs Seniz Celimli-Aksoy, Michael Williams, Heather Hurst, & Gerald Kiel (Frostburg State University)
  Decisions to Use and Perceptions of Use of Online Program Managers (OPMs) to Promote EdD Programs
Anthony Edwards & Rick Garcia (Tarleton University & the University of Dayton)
1:00 - 1:30 PM Poster Presentation Panel  
  Improving Defense Acquisition Process Timelines in a Systems Program Office  John Armstrong (University of West Florida)
  Online Undergraduate Sense of Community and Institutional Engagement
Jason Bock (University of West Florida)
  Revitalizing a Professional Organization Chapter Using a Performance Improvement Approach
Lynne McBain (University of West Florida)
  How Can Teacher’s Leadership Instructional Approaches Impact Student’s Learning and Professional Growth in the Online Language Learning Environment at The Westgate Learning Complex (WLC)?  Rebecca Harper & Sameh Ibrahim (Augusta University)
1:30 - 1:45 PM Break  
1:45 - 2:45 PM Designing Ed.D. Curriculum for the Scholar Practitioner
Amy Barnes & Dustin Miller (The Ohio State University)
  Learning to Honor Diverse Perspectives in Solving Problems of Practice through a Signature Pedagogy of Diverse Collaborative Cohorts
Heather Hurst, Gerald Kiel, Michael Williams, Seniz Celimli-Aksoy, , Stacey Williams, Ashley Cudmore, & Elaine Rudder (Frostburg State University, University of Maryland - College Park, and Townson University)
  ASU and DCU's Doctoral Students' Experiences of Collective Responsibility and Social Justice
Fiona King, Josephine Marsh, Barry Morrissey, & Amy Markos (Dublin City University and Arizona State University)
  Teaching Applied Research and Critical Inquiry: Voices from the Field  Christopher Benedetti, Amanda Covarrubias, Kevin J. Bazner, Swapna Kumar, Eric Ludwig, Margaret Terry Orr, & Nicholas R. Werse (Texas A & M University - Corpus Christi, University of Florida, Florida State University, Fordham University, & Baylor University)
2:45 - 3:45 PM Poster Presentation Panel  
  The Experiences of Black Women in Leadership Navigating Predominately White Institutions
LaShawndra White (Appalachian State University)
  Development of a New Global Training Model as a Performance Improvement Solution Robin Brandenburg (University of West Florida)
  Black Student Experiences with Racial Battle Fatigue  Shareen Clement (Augusta University)
3:15 - 3:30 PM Break  
3:30 - 4:30 PM Methods Training for the EdD: How U’s Practitioner Inquiry Series Aims to Prepare Scholarly Practitioners to Improve Education
Keith Trahan & Kevin Crowley (University of Pittsburgh)
  Integrating ChatGPT into Your Educational Doctoral Program
Kimberlee Everson (Western Kentucky University)
  Understanding Current Challenges in the Formulation and Study of An Equity- Focused Problem of Practice
Nancy Dana, Blake Beckett, Carla-Ann Brown, Macy Geiger (University of Florida)
  Cultural Sensitivity: A Road to Inclusive Evidence Shanice Hall (University of South Dakota)


All exchange presenters are expected to register for the convening. Exchanges take place on every day of the convenings. We cannot give preference for a day, however. By submitting an exchange proposal, you agree to be available for all days. 

All workshop facilitators are expected to register for the convening. Workshops take place on Wednesday, October 4.


The early bird deadline is September 11, 2023.

The regular registration deadline is Friday, September 22, 2023.


October 4th-6th at the University of West Florida, Pensacola, Florida

  • Early Bird Registration: $400
  • Student: $150
  • Regular Registration: $425

Registration includes full in-person convening plus one day virtual on October 12th. Fees also include access to the Convening, lunch and a reception on Thursday, and lunch on Friday.  There will be morning and afternoon snack breaks.


  • $150 for faculty
  • $75 for students 

Virtual registration includes two keynote sessions during in-person convening (Oct 5th and 6th, approx. 9 AM CT) + one day virtual on October 12th.

Registration for the in-person convening has closed. Contact Monica Wilkerson ([email protected]) if you would like to register for the virtual convening.


October 3, 2023  - October 6, 2023.
Reservation deadline: September 8, 2023
Standard Rates start at $199

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